Self Employment Ideas

Consultancy for Small Business Opportunities, Start Ups & Self Employment Ideas (eg Post Redundancy)

Pat Frank will help you start up a business doing the work that is right for you and which will make your dreams come true

  What Else Can You Do?

  • Do you feel that your age is against you when being considered for a job?

  • Do you feel that you are at a crossroads and unfulfilled in your working life?

  • Are you thinking of going self employed and starting a new business?

  • Are you looking for self-employment/small business ideas that match your skills, talents, strong interests and assets?

  • Do you need flexible work that suits your lifestyle ?

  • Do you have a small business idea of your own, but are unsure how to get started or what to do next?

  • Are you uncertain what business to start?

  • Do you need your present business to generate additional income?

  Which situation best describes your present position ? 

  • Unemployed ?    Redundant ?    Facing Ageism ?

  • Woman Returner - Need flexible hours ?  

  • Square Peg ?   In a Rut ?  Earn Additional Income - A Sideline ?

  • Acting - Resting between Stage Commitments ?  Farmer - Need to Diversify ? 

  • Student / Graduate - Difficulty finding work in your field ?

  • Ex-Forces Personnel - Difficulty finding work in "Civvy Street"?



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