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Standby mode with SMS/Paging option enabled
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Remote Internet or LAN Login to home computer
Software Download - (1) INET DIAL (2) APACHE binary (3) APACHE base (4) GeekGadgets
Download INET DIAL new v3.851 now supports Dynamic IP Server address and Webcam !
Download APACHE new v1.3.20 without PHP ! 68020 binary 68040 binary 68060 binary base archive
Download APACHE new v1.3.20 with PHP ! 68020 binary 68040 binary 68060 binary PHP base archive
Download GEEK GADGETS new (9Mb) - required if using APACHE (buy the CD from KICKSOFT?)
Online Registration
Online Registration and E-SHOP - Secure Server OPEN 24 Hrs!
EXISTING USERS qualify for FREE upgrade to v3.851 - Just Download and upgrade!


  • AMIGACTIVE issue 15 - December 2000

Amiga Active Magazine "Extremely versatile and well documented, Inet Dial is well on the way to becoming a one-stop-shop for remote home automation on the Amiga" Amiga Active Magazine
INET DIAL v3.851 is also available on CD from Kicksoft!

includes APACHE v1.3.20 and with PHP, GeekGadgets and YAM!

CURRENT INET_DIAL STATUS v3.851 15th May 2002

MDR INET DIAL is being continuously updated and improved, to download the latest version, please go online ("CONNECT to WWW"). When you are online, if there is an upgrade available it will be displayed as "WWW INET DIAL upgrade available for download". Click on "WWW" to download.

1st February 2000v3.40First general release
8th April 2000v3.50X-10 control included
2nd May 2000v3.60SAT and VCR control included. Support included for MIAMI DeLuxe.
8th May 2000v3.63added support for PPP and dynamic IP connections to WWW using MIAMI DeLuxe
5th July 2000v3.68added Login and Password protection
10th August 2000v3.70added support for IBROWSE
1st October 2000v3.80added support for Text messaging (EZP@gerNG)
18th November 2000v3.829added Locale for Automail and support for EZP@gerNG v1.2
9th December 2000v3.833added Locale for Inet Dial and MDRArexx
18th December 2000v3.835added Sunrise and Sunset options
28th December 2000v3.836added support for Genesis TCP/IP Stack and permanent connections
10th January 2001v3.837added automatic install for Genesis OS3.9
25th January 2001v3.838added support for reading email remotely
23rd March 2001v3.839added support for GOOGLE and ONLINE SMS text messages + MDR COMPONENT SERVER
20th April 2001v3.840added Registration for Kicksoft CD + EZP@gerNG v1.4 support
1st May 2001v3.841added remote dial out
25th May 2001v3.842added support for TaskiSMS
20th June 2001v3.843minor bug fixes
9th July 2001v3.844minor bug fixes
10th August 2001v3.845minor bug fixes
15th September 2001v3.846IBrowse fully supported
8th October 2001v3.847Voyager 3.3.117+ supported
15th November 2001v3.848HSERV Arexx HTTP Server supported
1st February 2002v3.849AMITHLON emulator and SAMBA local area networking supported
10th April 2002v3.850PCs and PDAs on local area network supported
15th May 2002v3.851Dynamic redirection to your Home Server + Webcam support

AWEB-II v3.4 Browser supportedyesyesyesyes 
VOYAGER v3.3.117 Browser supportyesyesyesyesRequires APACHE HTTP Server installed
IBROWSE v2.2 Browser supportedyesyesyesyesRequires APACHE HTTP Server installed
APACHE v1.3.12 Web Server supportedyesyesyesyes 
WWW Connection (client)yesyesyesyes 
Remote computer dial up (client)yesyesyesyes 
Remote computer dial in (server)yesyesyesyes 
Permanent Connection (LAN/CABLE)yesyesyesyesDoes not require a registered TCP/IP Stack
Remote networking NetFSyesyesyesyes 
Automated mail collection from ISPyesyesyesyes 
Local network Mail redistribution and collectionyesn/ayesyes 
Automated Backup to remote computeryesyesyesyes 
MDR control Protocolyesyesyesyes 
X-10 control Protocolyesyesyesyes 
Arexx Port controlyesyesyesyes 
VCR controlyesyesyesyes 
SAT controlyesyesyesyes 
WebCam supportyesyesyesyes 
LocaleyesyesyesyesGerman localisation available
SAMBA and NETFS Local Area Networkingyesyesyesyes 
Offline SMS Text Messaging (v1.4 EZP@gerNG, TaskiSMS)yesyesyesyesRequires APACHE HTTP Server installed
Online SMS Text Messaging (TaskiSMS)yesyesyesyes 
Remote reading of mailyesyesyesyes 
Kicksoft CD Registrationyesyesyesyes 
Remote 'Dial out'yesyesyesyes 
Thor Mailer Supportplannedplannedplannedplanned 
HServer Supportunder testunder testunder testunder testAREXX HTTP Server
Amithlon Emulator Supportyesyesyesyes 
Amigaforever Emulator Supportplannedplannedplannedplanned 
PDA as well as full screen supportyesyesyesyesEmail, Control, Settings, Timer
Internet access from LANyesyesyesyesSupport for PDA, PC, AMIGA, MAC ... on LAN
NEW! Webcam and Dynamic redirection service supportyesyesyesyesRemote Internet access to your Home Server even if you have a dynamic IP address!

AMIGA Software to control machinery using the MDR Control Interface protocol.The software consists of an operating system which is configured by a number of text files for easy maintenance.

The system operates on the principle of "distributed processing" - the Intelligent Control interfaces are programmed to carry out their respective functions and the CPU (the Amiga) operates in a supervisory manner. This allows high speeds locally enabling each input channel of the system to sense and independently operate functions at up to 2000 changes of state per second.

The supervisory software can be set to display fault diagrams/pictures indicating the problem and user defined information in the event that an action does not take place in the specified time. Three stage emergency stop/start procedures and remote control facility.

This software has been refined and in use in continuous industrial applications since 1989 and is thus well "tried and tested".

The software may be user configured, alternatively MDR offer a programming service. Please email us with your application.

Availability: now - further information

S01Turn on output Board 0 channel 1ON.x
R01Turn off outputOFFx
I01Read input Board 0 channel 1ON./OFFx
E01Read output Board 0 channel 1ON./OFFx
J01Read input Board 0 channel 9ON./OFFx
Z01Read input Board 0 channel 1 with no counter resetON./OFFx
T01Read Board 0 complete status00000000 00000000x
N01Wait until Input 1 Board 0 onON.x
F01Wait until Input 1 Board 0 offOFFx
P01Read change of state counts on board 0 & reset counts0000 0000 0000 ....x
Q01Read change of state counts on board 00000 0000 0000 ....x
D015N0002Turn on channel 5 on board 0 when input 1 counts 2 changes of stateOK.x
D015F0002Turn off channel 5 on board 0 when input 1 counts 2 changes of stateOK.x
D015U0002Continue to switch output 5 after every 2 counts on input 1 Board 0OK.x
G015N0002As D command but no contact debounceOK.x
G015F0002As D command but no contact debounceOK.x
G015U0002As D command but no contact debounceOK.x
U123U1010Turn on output 3 after input 2 on board 1 is on for 10 time periodsOK.x
U123R1010As above but flash outputOK.x
O11Reset all outputs on Board 1OFFx
A11Restore all outputs turned off by "O" commandON.x
Y0FFSet output pattern (FF = all on)OK.x
C012Control output 2 by input 1 on Board 0OK.x
C019Clear above "C" commandOK.x
X01Reset all outputs and counters on Board 0OFFx
SxxxyySet level channel xxx to yyOK.x
WxxxRead level channel xxxxxxx
RxxxRead channel xxx verboseCircuit Breaker on, etcx
DDMX feed from desk onOK.x
TDMX feed from terminalOK.x
MmessageSend message to rigger controlOK.x

MDR Protocol - further information

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