MDR8    C H A N N E L    C O N T R O L    I N T E R F A C E

The general purpose MDR21 Intelligent Control Interface has 8 x Output c/o Relays with LED indicators. The unit is rated for continuous operation and is software controlled by a serial connection (RS232). Each Output Relay is individually fused at 5 amps and can switch up to 240v AC. Individual Relays can switch different voltages. The unit also includes 8 x Isolated Input Channels (contact closure sensing) with LED indicators which require no external voltage to be applied.

The unit is designed for wall mounting and all Input and Output connections are made to terminals beneath a removeable cover. The control board has a self-test facility and for ease of service can be exchanged without disturbing the field wiring.

Each Unit is addressable (with 16 addresses available) and units can be daisy chained, thus allowing a maximum of 128 Input Channels and 128 Output Channels to be controlled by a single RS232 connection.

The Unit is supplied complete with external power supply and RS232 cable terminated by a 9 pin D type connector for connection to the host device.

Software Compatibility v4.2: The unit is compatible with Bang and Olufsen Masterlink Gateway (MLGW) and can be provided with suitable macros on USB stick for direct import into MLGW.

Host Software: Web Server based control software is available which allows for local (LAN) or remote (WAN) control via smart phone or other web enabled device.



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